Rotisserie Chicken and vintage charm at Ron’s Upstairs Redfern

Rotisserie Chicken and vintage charm at Ron’s Upstairs Redfern

Do you want to experience some of the finest food around Redfern and take a trip down memory lane? Ron’s upstairs delivers one of the best local menus along with a beautifully cultivated nostalgic ambience.

Ron's Spritz Ron's upstairs

Prom Ron’s

From the creators of Arcadia Liquors and Redfern come this sentimental jewel of Redfern Continental. Ron’s upstairs is a reimagining of all those Mediterranean inspired restaurants you used to visit with your parents as a child: wine leaves on the ceiling, sun-bleached posters of old travel destinations, vintage beer advertisements, and football magazine cut-outs. Ron’s connection with its past is ever-present and a continuation is preserved through many tributes to its former 20 year life as a Thai restaurant: Prom Ron’s.

Ron’s upstairs decor

Charred Cabbage and Rotisserie Chicken

If you drop into Ron’s Upstairs, make sure to stop at the bar first before taking a seat at your table, so you can try the Ron’s Spritz; Ron’s very own cocktail creation! It consists of a rosmary infused base, a dash of lemon, Cava and a delectable dried people garnish. You can’t go past Ron’s upstairs without trying the delicious rotisserie chicken! If you’re sharing, you’ll have to be quick. Guaranteed the best bits of the chicken will go fast!

Ron’s menu channels Mediterranean flavours, such as the Charred Halloumi salad with peach and heirloom tomatoes, or the charred cabbage with romesco and black mustard butter.

What are you waiting for?! Drop on by!

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