Dumplings and cocktails at Happy D’s Dumpling Bar!

Dumplings and cocktails at Happy D’s Dumpling Bar!

What else could hit the spot like dumplings, duck pancakes and your favourite cocktails, all in a cosy welcoming and fun setting. We met up with Debra of Happy D’s Dumpling Bar to talk abut the beloved dumplings menu and the story behind the wonderful long Aquarium at the bar.

So, about those dumplings

We spoke with Debra, the main creative force behind Happy D’s, about how it all began. She explains, it all she wanted to do was create a place that simply served dumplings and drinks. When she told her friends, the response was universal “I love dumplings!”. From your classic Prawn Gow Gee to BBQ Pork Buns, they have you covered. There is also a delicious chocolate flavoured steamed bun filled with Nutella, and let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint!

One of the best aquariums anywhere!

Happy D’s officially is a Dumpling bar.

Inspired by the New York bar scene, Happy D’s channels popular culture and offers a fun place where you can let your hair down and feel right at home with the bar staff. The bar’s most notable feature is the long artificial tank that carries through the length of the whole venue.

The amazing fish tank was inspired by the fabulous fish tanks you can find at Chinese restaurants in Haymarket. Initially, Debra and her team wanted to install a real tank. They had found the company to do it and everything, but the cost was almost equally as amazing, so they kind of just came up with a design with their builder. They went onto Amazon and ordered a whole bunch of plastic fish and seaweed. Andrew (Debra’s son) placed a small boat that was his grandmother’s and it was only a matter of time before customers started bringing things to include into the aquarium; asking if they could add their mermaid or their dinosaur. If you look closely there are a lot of stories in that aquarium.

And what about those coasters?

All the coasters on the ceiling weren’t planned either. So, when you order food at the bar you get a pen and a Yum Cha style menu where you tick what you want to order. It was a natural progression when children were sitting at the bar they would naturally start to draw on the back of the coasters. The children’s coasters were placed on the wall. Before you knew it, adults wanted to contribute their creations too. And within no time at all, they were hundreds of these drawings which now are featured on the walls and the ceiling.

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