We tried a unique gin tasting session at The Fox Hole

We tried a unique gin tasting session at The Fox Hole

This week we met up with James Harvey-Fiander to talk about his journey from wine to gin and also to taste some gins out of the large Fox Hole collection! From sloe gin to infused gin we embarked on an adventure of aromas, flavours and delicious homely food!

Buying a bar by accident

It began a few years ago when James and his partner were looking to buying a house but came across the bar they used to frequent on Fridays instead. He says they were looking for a house one Thursday night, but by the end of the week they became bar owners. They quickly transformed the bar. They were inspired by the chic establishments they used visit when they were in London. The Fox Hole today, is cosy establishment with an exposed brick interior, leather couches and piles of original volumes, channelling cool British vibes that you might find in in a quaint bar in back streets of Mayfair.

70 Gins, no shortage of gins

The Fox Hole offers a unique gin tasting experience which allows you to really expand your mind on what gin is. Gin is more than just an alcoholic drink derived from juniper berries. What James and his team have done is built a collection of stories and a wealth of knowledge. With 70 gins in house, there’s no shortage of stories to be told. As James puts it “all great stories start with a drink” and “we’re about making great stories.” The Fox Hole offers a unique gin tasting experience: you get presented with various gins, accompanied by food and a story behind each gin. It’s fascinating how one gin alone could be experienced in different ways.

Watch the gin experience

Taste gin from anywhere

The Fox Hole has made it possible to experience the gin tasting experience from home. The Fox Hole have created your very own Fox Hole gin tasting kit you can order online. For more information and the zoom sessions make sure to visit: www.thefoxhole.com.au/experiences/

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