What’s behind that pineapple at the Charleston?

What’s behind that pineapple at the Charleston?

You have probably seen the sign before when you’ve been to Glebe, but have you ever asked yourself what does it actually mean? We went to The Charleston to find out and also make some cocktails!

The meaning of the pineapple sign

Well, the story goes back hundreds of years ago in Charleston in Southern Carolina, at a time when pineapples were exotic and rare. Seafarers who returned home would often come back with the prized fruit which they had collected on their way through the Caribbean. Once home, they would spike the pineapple on the front fence as a sign that they had returned safely. The pineapple meant more than just a safe journey home; it an invitation to the neighbours that their home was now open and ready to receive guests for a feast. The pineapple has gone on to become a symbol of welcome invitation and hospitality. It’s the symbol of the Charleston.

A southern inspired menu

The Charleston serves up a menu inspired by the culture of Charleston. On the menu there are beautiful seafood and BBQ flavours reminiscent of the south: delicious salmon potato cakes with cured egg yolk and chunky tartare, southern fried chicken, sticky pork ribs, and to-die-for slowed cooked lamb shoulder to name a few.

The Charleston also compliments its heart-warming homestyle flavours with some delicious refreshing cocktails: try The Charlie, it’s a pineapple rum cocktail with raspberry notes, basil and fresh lime. If you’re having cocktails this summer don’t miss out on trying the Basic Bitch. As the name suggests, it’s basically all you ever wanted to quench your thirst. The cocktail is served up with a vodka-base, peach, vanilla, blood orange and passionfruit! 

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