Take a tour of the QT Hotel with architect shelley indyk

Take a tour of the QT Hotel with architect shelley indyk

When you hear of the State Theatre and Gowings building, what do you think of? Well, they’re both Sydney CBD icons: a traffic-stopping theatre steeped in history, and a century-old department store turned hotel. Meet Shelley Indyk of Indyk Architects, the brain behind the redesign. We caught up with her to talk about the history of the building and how she reinterpreted and lovingly preserved these historical masterpieces.

Jason with Shelley Indyk

QT Hotel Sydney, began life as two separate buildings: the State Theatre and the Gowings buildings. Both buildings are stooped in history and have been lovingly embraced by Sydneysiders. The original building adorned in bold 1930’s deco design, is a piece in time and a beautifully preserved example of an interwar period culture of Australia. The Gowings building on the other hand was equally iconic and was one of the first vertical shopping centres in Australia.

QT Hotel facade

The hotel and the guestrooms were lovingly reinterpreted for a modern age by Shelley and her team. Shelley’s team worked closely with Chulo Creative Studio (a collective of graphic and street artists) for some of the interior murals and art pieces, and graphic designers Fabio Ongeratto, who created all the signage and wayfinding in the hotel.

Shelley Indyk speaks with Jason on design.

You don’t need to stay at the hotel to experience some of the best it has to offer. Check out Parlour Cucina café in the hotel lobby and immerse yourself in a beautiful 1960’s Milan style café, serving up some classic Italian flavours. Or just take a little break from shopping Pitt St to admire the original ceilings, walls and the 1920’s glass display cabinets over a café espresso.

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