Making char hor fun with junda khoo

Making char hor fun with junda khoo

If you’re making the rounds of the city and are anywhere near the Queen Victoria building, you must drop in to Ho Jiak to try Junda Khoo’s trademark fusion of fine dining and homestyle street food favourites. Head Chef and owner Junda Khoo fills his dishes with the very best of everything: prime ingredients, personal flare, and a whole load of passion. We dropped in this week to learn how-to make a favourite: Char Hor Fun, a delicious stir-fried flat rice noodle dish with a delicious seafood base.

Junda Khoo

As well as his food inspiring the senses with his flavours, Junda has a inspiring personal story himself. He started in an unassuming career in finance before he decided to pursue his passion and jump head first into the hospitality world. Beginning with Petaling Street Kitchen, he quickly moved on to set up his first restaurant in a food court, Ho Jiak in Strathfield. It’s from here where he spring-boarded on to open two more restaurants in Haymarket and in the City CBD next to the Queen Victoria Building.

char hor fun

Chef Junda Khoo grew up cooking at home with his Amah, learning the secrets of spicy laksas and delicious egg noodles. It’s here where his first introduction into the comforting food began. Junda regularly mentions his amah with fondness, and reminisces on the flavours and foods that made up his childhood.

So let’s get back to that Char Hor Fun! If you want to watch the full video on how to make a Char Hor Fun dish yourself, make sure to stay tuned on our YouTube channel!

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