Here we go

Here we go

Welcome to Discovrr! Meet the team!

Pronounced Dis-cuv-er-ra

Discovrr is an app, a visual tool with a simple scroll and search function, where you can save, share and organise the places around you. It connects the dots between you and your community, inspiring the adventurous side in all of us.

In February this year, the world changed, so we all had to change as well. At the end of lockdown, we all relieved with the small reprieve and the ability to rediscover our own local neighbourhood. While discovering this beautiful world of ours we overlooked our very own backyard. What is Discovrr all about? Discovrr is about exploring all the best that our local community has to offer in a new and unique way. We have at the core of our philosophy to help put the spotlight back on to local businesses and really help them get more exposure and awareness.

What we would like you to do today is to invite you to come on this journey with us by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and participate in discovering the new and exciting places that we will be bringing to you on a weekly basis. We will be delivering new content with the goal of helping you to discover local must-eats, delicious drinks, places to see and things to do, in the hopes of aiding the rebuilding of our small businesses community during these trying times.

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