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Template Scroll and search, find unique experiences around you 01 The best places around you within 3k's or 30 minute walk 02 Bookmark your findings, save it for later or share it 03 Post videos and pictures and stay social 04 Post, comment & help others on the Discovrr community 05 Check in daily for sweet local deals! 06 Discovrr App

Live Local, Discover More

Finding what to do near you can be hard, with Discovrr it doesn’t have to be.


Just open DISCOVRR, scroll and search!


Discover, anything and everything around you within a 3km radius or a 30 minute walking distance.


Create content, share content, post content! Whether you're a merchant or a user share your finding with the DISCVORR community!


We're all about connecting you with your local Community, so get social on DISCOVRR.


Save money by checking out your local merchants and seeing what offers they are providing on a daily basis.


Find something you like? Bookmark it and create your own personalised notes!

We create Content, to foster a Community & encourage Commerce

We love discovering our neghbourhood. Know of anything interesting happening around you? Get in touch!

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